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Burst Water Pipes

At Marchant Plumbing and Gas we have all the state of the art water leak technology. We can locate your burst pipe and repair it all in the one trip saving you time and money. Some …


When’s is the right time to service your Evaprotive Air-conditioner?

Have you got an Evaprotive Airconditioner? Does your house smell mouldy and your water bill higher than usual? We at Marchant Plumbing and Gas Roleystone Plumber are always getting …


Save your hot water system with an anode replacement

It’s a simple fact of nature. When metal sits in water it rusts and will eventually corrode away to nothing. If you own a hot water system and it is more than three to four years o …


How can the temperature of hot water be controlled?

Hot water in the bathroom can be a hazard if the temperature is too high or too low. Water that is too hot can cause serious burn injuries, especially in the bath and shower…


What they say about us...

I cannot speak highly enough of the quality service, advice and professionalism the team at marchany plumbing and gas have shown us in the process of replacing our old hot water unit. I have no hesitation at all in recommending there services to any of our family or friends.

James Doe (Armadale)