Save your hot water system with an anode replacement

Did you know all storage Gas and Electric hot water systems have anodes that need to be replaced to at different intervals to protect the warranty and life of your hot water system?

Different makes and models of hot water systems require different makes and sizes of anodes. Most manufacturers require the anodes to Gas and Electric hot water systems to be changed at intervals of a maximum of 5 years to protect the tank, the corrosion in the water attacks the anode instead of the hot water systems tank prolonging the life of the hot water systems tank and saving you $$$ on a replacement hot water system.

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How can the temperature of hot water be controlled?

Are you noticing the hot water isn’t hot enough? Or is it that hot that you don’t need to boil the kettle for your morning coffee?

Most recently installed hot water systems should have a Tempering Valve installed on the hot water outlet side of the hot water unit to prevent the water being too hot and causing burning. All domestic Tempering Valves legally should deliver hot water at a constant heat of 50 degrees. If your hot water system is only delivering warm water there could be an fault with your Tempering Valve and it may need to be serviced or replaced.

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